Centralised vacuum systems

Envirox supplies wide range of powerful Nederman compact units that combine a vacuum source, control system and filter into one easy-to-install solution.

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  • C-Pak


    The Nederman C-PAK heavy industry fume extractor semi-portable unit is designed for heavy-duty welding extraction.

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  • E-Pak


    Compact high vacuum unit, the ideal solution for removing dust and fumes.

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  • FlexPak


    Frequency controlled compact high vacuum dust collector unit to be used for many different applications. Typically 2-10 users.

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  • LPak


    A compact stationary high vacuum unit with high filter efficiency and enhanced flexibility.

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  • RBU


    Envirox supplies the Nederman RBU high vacuum for systems where extra power is required to handle large debris or remove waste products through long pipelines.

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  • VAC


    Envirox supplies the Nederman VAC high vacuum for welding fumes, dust from sanding and grinding operations and general clean up applications.

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