Candle filter elements

Our Candle Filter Elements are designed to remove particles, heavy metals, acids, and dioxins from flue gases at higher temperatures than those achievable with conventional systems.
The filter elements are manufactured from certain refractory materials and inorganic bonds which enable them to be used at temperatures up to, and even more than, 1000°C and are spark resistant.


Air Filtration systems:

  • Incineration of industrial and chemical waste.
  • Incineration of clinical, animal and domestic waste.
  • Metallurgical processing – ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • Precious metal recovery.
  • Coal derivative manufacture.
  • Wood waste burning.
  • Glass, brick and cement industries.
  • Crematorium incinerators.

In Line Equipment Protection:

  • Gasification and pyrolytic processes.
  • Waste to energy plants.


  • Temperatures up to 1000 °C.
  • High filtration efficiency of 99.99%
  • Non-combustible
  • Spark resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Classed as non-hazardous – suitable for landfill
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