Quick fit ducting

Quick fit ducting is the world’s fastest clip-together ducting and can reduce installation time by up to 50% and is suitable for all industries. Available as Stainless-Steel Ducting and Galvanized Ducting. This Quick fit ducting is, as its name suggests, easy to assemble and can easily be connected to other components and come in many different sizes.

Quick Fit Ducting Products

Benefits of Quick Fit Ducting

  • Fast installation time with no need for special tools,
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning.
  • Smooth surface improves flow and particle conveying and with enhanced leak resistance.
  • Adaptor available to connect to other types of ducting systems.
  • Available as Stainless-Steel Ducting and Galvanized Ducting

Ducting Applications

  • Ducting for Food and Agricultural applications (Grain conveying).
  • Ducting for Pharmaceutical applications.
  • Ducting for Cutting Fluids and Oil Mist.
  • Ducting for Cement and Concrete dust.
  • Ducting for Woodworking Facilities.

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