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Envirox offers products and solutions for Dust Collector systems and Air Filtration

Dust Collectors

Envirox is the distributor for Nederman Industrial Dust Collectors & Air Filtration products and solutions in Southern Africa. We provide a comprehensive range of dust collector systems and at-source extraction solutions. We endeavour to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution. We are the leaders in supplying sound solutions for Dust and Air Filtration to all industries.

  • Certified combustible dust experts
  • Unique NedQuote design program – Fast and   accurate quote turnaround
  • Welding fume extraction specialists
  • Exceptional project execution

What can Envirox do for you

Dust Filtration Systems

Dust Collectors for any type of dust, fume and smoke; including combustible dust. We will ensure you have a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

Oil Mist Filtration Systems

Eliminate the oil mist generated by coolants and lubricants before they cause slippery, unsafe surfaces in your workplace. Up to 99.97% collection efficiency!

Mobile Dust Collectors

Mobile Dust Collectors for capturing and eliminating welding fumes and dust from your industrial or hygiene-sensitive workplace.  

Extraction Arms

Extraction Arms for Welding Fume extraction and combustible dust applications. Extract at source for maximum extraction and filtration efficiency.

Laboratory Extraction Arms

Laboratory Extraction Arms from Envirox are ideal for assembly station and laboratories. Includes ESD and EX arms.

Exhaust Extraction

Exhaust Extraction systems from Envirox include a range of exhaust extractors, nozzles and hoses for repair, inspection and testing shops.

See how our equipment fits into your operation

Nederman’s products and solutions contribute to improved production economics, reduce the strain on the environment from various industrial processes and protect people from harmful dust and particles, fibres, gas, welding fume and smoke, vehicle exhaust and oil mist.