Benefits of our 10 Series FilterBox

  • 3 metre original Nederman Extraction Arm supplied
  • Polyester filter cartridges with 99% separation efficiency
  • Automatic damper minimising dusk leakage during pneumatic cleaning
  • Dust-free emptying of dust bin
  • 9.5 m power cable
  • Integrated LCD display

The 10 Series FilterBox offers a mobile and cost-effective solution for light to medium dust and fume collecting in both industrial and hygienic applications. This range is equipped with a N24 fan for a maximum air flow capacity of 1 000 m³ per hour.

All models in the 10 Series mobile dust collector range feature an integrated silencer that offers reduced noise from the fan and outlet air.

The 10 Series range is available with both manual and automatic cleaning options that commence when the air flow is too low.

FilterBox mobile dust collectors are available either as mobile units on wheels or attached to a floor stand.

Contact Envirox today for a cost-efficient FilterBox for light to medium dust and fume applications.

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