Exhaust hose reel

Envirox supplies high quality electric motor-driven and spring recoil exhaust hose reels, both of which aid in coiling exhaust hoses effectively, resulting in a less-cluttered working environment.

Electric Motor Driven Exhaust Hose Reel

This superior electric motor-driven exhaust hose reel has been tailored for use in workshops with high ceilings where overhead cranes or work at height equipment are installed, or in areas under which high vehicles are maneuvered.

Installed out of conventional reach, this exhaust hose reel is controlled via remote, with the choice of either infrared (IR)or pendant control. Electronic limit switches reduce the risk of malfunction and unnecessary wear on the hose, all of which are monitored by a receiving eye based on the reel which also shows the operation status. A fan can be mounted on the reel, and is automatically controlled.

Spring-Recoil Exhaust Hose Reel

A top-quality easy-to-handle exhaust hose reel, which recoils via a patented spring drive, has been designed for all types of vehicle workshops where hoses are set to hang at a reachable height.

Safety and efficiency can be enhanced by including an optional retraction speed control and it is possible to mount an automatic start/stop fan onto the reel. A patented, in-built automatic damper reduces noise levels, which is important in busy workshops, and saves energy contributing to economical resource management.

The lifting capacity can be adjusted easily and simply, and if deemed necessary the spring-recoil exhaust hose reel can be upgraded to the electric motor-driven exhaust hose reel at an appropriate time.

Improve your working environment and increase efficiency while reducing environmental impact with exhaust hose reels from Envirox.

Exhaust hose reel benefits

  • Automatic start/stop fan optional
  • Optional retraction speed control
  • Clean and safe working environment
  • More effective production
  • Improved energy utilisation
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