Combifab F benefits

  • Designed for heavy duty operation
  • Short delivery times
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Spare parts readily available and in stock
  • Immediate service attention
  • Certified quality and reliability
  • Competitive prices

Proven quality you can rely on

All Nederman industrial fan and fume extraction  products are produced according to ISO 9001 and where required also ATEX certified quality system standards. These external certification systems ensure the quality, reliability and craftsmanship of the products delivered from Nederman.

Innovative design and engineering

The Combifab F fan is developed, designed and tested by skilled engineers and industrial designers in order to obtain optimal airflow inside the fan as well as to keep a streamlined design on the outside.

Hands-on quality

All industrial fans are checked by skilled workers according to our quality assurance systems. Prime steel sheets are selected, welds are checked, impellers are balanced and the complete fan is tested before shipping.

Experience and new ways of thinking

Nederman has manufactured Combifab fans since 1992 and has produced more than

20,000 industrial fans for air and dust transport. Many of the first fans are still

running today, thanks to their high quality, reliable design. The Combifab F is the latest generation industrial fan and is has been developed through excellent real-life experience and the latest production technology.

Minimising downtime from the outset

The Combifab F fan requires minimal maintenace. All bearings have been specially dimensioned for thousands of hours of operation and the shaft seals have been designed to keep working in the most demanding environments.

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