N series portable

Portable Fan benefits

  • Compact and easy to use
  • On/off switch and motor protector included
  • Economical management of resources and waste
  • Improved production uptime
  • enhanced energy utilisation

A simple and powerful ventilation unit for use during service, repairs and other temporary work, these fans are designed for a maximum working temperature of 60 °C, and has an ambient temperature range of from -30° C to 40° C.

The fan casing is made from galvanised sheet steel and the impeller, which has radial tip blades, is made from die cast aluminium.

The N16 weighs only 15 kg and the N24 17 kg, the compact and easy to use fans have a hose connection diameter of 160 mm and 0.55 kW of power.  Airflow for the N16 is 500 to 1 200 m³/h, and 500 – 1500 m³/h for the N24 and both fans can be mounted on a stand which is available as an accessory.

NOTE:  The fans must not be used in an environment with danger of explosion or for transport of inflammable or explosive gases as there is risk of fire or explosion!

Achieve a cleaner working environment with portable industrial fans from Envirox

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