N series

N series Industrial Fans Benefits

  • Caters for a vast range of industries
  • Simple and powerful
  • Economical management of resources and waste
  • increased production uptime
  • Improved energy utilisation

Designed specifically for welding fumes, dusts and exhaust gases applications, Envirox offers a range of powerful industrial fans that improve working conditions and reduce noise levels.

Branded and marketed as N10, N16, N24, N40 and N29, our N-series fans are simple and powerful and quiet, and suitable to a range of applications, including vehicle exhaust extraction.

Power across the range varies from 0.55 kW to 2.2 kW (0.75 Hp to 3 Hp), in both single and three phase, voltage from 115/230 V to 230/400 V and airflows begins from 400 – 1 200 m³/h to 500 – 4 000 m³/h.

Achieve a cleaner working environment with simple and powerful N-series fans from Envirox.

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