Welding fumes

Welding fume extraction equipment from Envirox is specifically designed to ensure cleaner, healthier work spaces and workplaces. High quality welding fume extraction solutions safe guard welding personnel from too much exposure to dangerous and toxic welding fumes and gases.

As sole distributor of world-renowned Nederman welding fume extraction solutions, Envirox supplies and services mobile and stationary welding fume extraction equipment, tailored to your environment and applications.

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  • Auto-M


    The Auto M series is a powerful free-standing filter with an automatic shaker cleaning mechanism that is suitable for non-continuous duty across various industrial and commercial applications that generate light to medium volumes of dry dust.

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  • LCP


    Cartridge dust collectors for continuous operation in process and general dust extraction applications with free flowing dust.

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  • MCP


    MCP SmartFilter multi-purpose cartridge dust collector suitable for smoke, fumes, and general dust.

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  • MJC Mini

    MJC Mini

    Compact reverse jet tubular cartridge filters

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