Features and Benefits

  • The MCP SmartFilter has a comprehensive range of accessories including fans, inlets and bins.
  • The filter cartridges are available in a wide variety of materials.
  • Nederman’s unique monitoring technology, Insight Analytics, allows for full control over filtration performance.
  • Innovative filter cartridge design with high airflow optimises the footprint.
  • Intelligent cleaning system reduces TCO.
  • Long filter cartridge lifespan
  • Includes Insight Ready, a future proof system that is IoT prepared.
  • Insight Controler Panel includes the controller, HMI and gateway.

MCP SmartFilter multi-purpose cartridge dust collector suitable for smoke, fumes, and general dust.

The MCP SmartFilter is a multi-purpose dust filtration system featuring a modular design allowing it to work efficiently as a standalone unit or as a multi-filter solution. This design also optimises a longer filter cartridge lifespan, resulting in a lower cost of ownership. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and is perfect for different applications such as welding fumes, metal cutting and general dust.

The MCP SmartFilter’s unusual and innovative cartridge design shape – the squircle (a square with rounded edges) optimally makes use of the square space within the dust collector generating high cartridge flow, decreasing the size and footprint of the system. It can be customised to client specifications with up to airflow demands of up to 28 000 m3/h.

Other benefits of the MCP SmartFilter include its easy installation, cost effective shipping, construction using galvanised steel panels of 2mm and helps to provide protection against corrosion. Its Insight Ready control allows for full system operation such as control and monitoring, including a gateway functionality for cloud communication and pulse cleaning logic.

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