Oil mist filters

Keep your working environment free from metal chips and dangerous oil mist by implementing chip management, oil and coolant mist collection and filtration as well as coolant recycling processes. Because metalworking uses highly productive machinery with high cutting speeds, these require large flows of coolant and as a result, they also create a lot of byproducts.

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Metalworking also generates oil or coolant mist which can be a serious health risk to employees and a damper on productivity. The sensitive electronics in machinery can also be affected by microscopic liquid drops which can halt production completely. You can solve these problems once and for all by using Nederman effective oil mist filtration, material handling and coolant recycling systems to open up major possibilities for cutting costs, increasing productivity and revenue streams.
The Nederman Machining concept was developed to provide metalworking companies with the products and systems that they require to meet their current and future needs. We have clear understanding and grasp of all clean air challenges in metal working along with how to solve them. Our solutions make it possible achieve healthier, cleaner work spaces while reducing environmental impact and boosting overall production efficiency.

Chip management

  • Better yield of refined metals
  • Less need for storing and handling voluminous turnings

Mist collection/filtration

  • Compliance with indoor air quality regulations
  • Reduction in sick leave
  • Less maintenance and cleaning of electronics and controls required

Coolant recycling

  • Improve productivity and product quality through effective coolant handling
  • Reuse coolants to improve profitability and reduce environmental impact