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About mobile dust collectors

Mobile dust collectors combine the latest state of the art technology with user friendly design and function to allow your workspace to be as efficient as possible. You can move these highly effective pieces of equipment to where they are needed most within your work environment in order to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible. Mobile dust collectors ensure the utmost standard of hygiene is maintained in a workspace by powerfully extracting potentially harmful fumes, smoke, and dust, keeping your employees safe and healthy.

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  • Filterbox


    The 10 Series FilterBox offers a mobile and cost-effective solution for light to medium dust and fume collecting in both industrial and hygienic applications. This range is equipped with a N24 fan for a maximum air flow capacity of 1 000 m³ per hour.

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  • Filterbox Twin

    Filterbox twin

    The Filterbox twin range of mobile dust collectors offers an economic solution for light to medium hygienic applications for two workplaces.

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  • FilterCart


    The original Nederman FilterCart fume extractor offers versatile and robust performance for all industrial light-duty welding, odour and extraction applications.

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  • FilterCart Carbon

    FilterCart Carbon

    The Nederman FilterCart Carbon mobile filter unit is specially designed for extraction of odours in all applications, including: solvents, fumes and other gas contaminants.

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Envirox range of dust collectors by Nederman

Our range includes the FilterBox Mobile Dust Collectors and the FilterCart Mobile Dust Collectors

The FilterBox Mobile Dust Collectors are a range of flexible and modular portable welding fume and dust extractors, sourced from Nederman. They solve most common demands regarding welding fumes and non-combustible dust. You can customise your unit with a range of accessories in order to achieve optimal performance. You are able to use your unit as a mobile unit or a fixed mounted unit. The unit models vary, but some of the key features of most include:

  • Built-in fans for maximum air flow capacity
  • Integrated silencers for noise reduction
  • Outlets for pneumatic tools
  • Automatic mechanical cleaning initiated when the air flow is too low
  • Or an alarm indicating when airflow is too low

Plus, many other technologically advanced features across the range. The FilterCart Mobile Dust Collectors include a range of flexible, portable and lightweight extractors that achieve maximum levels of extraction efficiency in your work area. Some of the key features for this range include:

  • Extraction arms with a spotlight to ensure you’re able to place your unit exactly where it is needed.
  • A warning signal when the filter is full.
  • Specific odour extraction technology


  • Designed for hygiene-sensitive work areas
  • Portable filters make for versatile use
  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Cleanable filters mean a lower operating cost
  • Allows for the safe disposal of collected dust
  • Improved safety and cleaner working conditions
  • Machinery with the ability to tell you when to change the filter

Our range of mobile dust collectors, sourced directly from OEM Nederman, are tailored for use in applications or working environments that involve:

  • Light and medium dust removal of non-combustible dust
  • Food and chemical industry solutions
  • Elimination of organic solvents, fumes, and gas contaminants
  • Light duty welding and odour extraction
  • Welding fumes and smoke extraction

Effective welding fume and dust extraction products from Envirox, increase operator health and safety which results in an end product quality of a superior standard through improved, cleaner working conditions.

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