General dust

Our combustible dust collectors are used to capture and filter dry general  dust and fumes; dry powder and dust with explosion risk applications; light, medium and heavy dust particles, metal grinding and wood dust, among others.

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  • Auto-M


    The Auto M series is a powerful free-standing filter with an automatic shaker cleaning mechanism that is suitable for non-continuous duty across various industrial and commercial applications that generate light to medium volumes of dry dust.

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  • Flexfilter


    Envirox supplies the Nederman FlexFilter centralised vacuum system two-stage dust collector that is suitable for dust, welding fumes and debris.

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  • LBP


    All-round bag filter for demanding process and general dust application. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation and available in variety of sizes and options.

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  • LBR


    The Nederman LBR baghouse dust collector is a modular filter made of galvanised steel sheets and is best suited for handling large volumes of air with heavy material contamination levels.

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  • LCP


    Cartridge dust collectors for continuous operation in process and general dust extraction applications with free flowing dust.

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  • MCP


    MCP SmartFilter multi-purpose cartridge dust collector suitable for smoke, fumes, and general dust.

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  • MEP


    MEP SmartFIlter EX is a multi-purpose dust collector suitable for all types of combustible dust.

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  • Silosafe


    SiloSafe is an air-cleaned cartridge dust filter that is designed for efficient and effective silo and bin ventilation.

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  • Robust housing for outdoor use when necessary
  • Application specific solutions
  • Patented technology to aid cleaning of equipment
  • Equipment suited for several industries
  • Available in southern and sub-Saharan Africa


Our dust collectors for combustible dust cartridges are sourced from OEM Nederman and tailored for use in:

  • Small and medium-sized workshops
  • Medium air volumes for dust and particle extraction
  • Heavy material contamination in large volumes of air
  • ATEX compliance for explosive dusts
  • Cyclonic and bag filtration