Hose & cable reels

By making use of Nederman hose and cable reels equipment and our extensive industry knowledge you can boost the efficiency and maximise the profitability of your workshop.

Safe and ergonomic workplaces

No more tripping and falling injuries due to tangled vacuum hoses and cables on the workshop floor. With our hose and cable reel solutions, you’ll always have access to air, water, oil and power when and where you need it. And these supplies will be kept out of your way when you don’t.

Improved health conditions and cleaner environment

Exhaust fumes, welding fumes, grinding dust, etc. are dangerous to health and can negatively impact productivity. Our extraction solutions remove all these contaminants at their source.

Less wear and tear on equipment

Damage to hoses and cables is caused mainly by mechanical wear and tear. We can ensure that no supply systems are left on the floor where they’re likely to be damaged by cars and trucks.

Better end-product quality

Grinding and sanding processes generate harmful dust, but a clean environment is essential for the finish. To solve this problem, our vacuum cleaning systems will keep your vehicles and premises clean and tidy.