OSF filter


  • 3 filter-stages with an optional pre-filter
    – Stage 1 and 2 include filter cassettes with Nederman’s FibreDrain™ technology
    – Stage 3 consists of a HEPA filter in filter class H13 with an efficiency of 99.95% for MPPS according to EN1822
  • Gauges for reading of pressure drop over each filter stage.
  • Extension legs
  • Two inlet ø 200mm with clamp ring connection
  • Starter and motor protection


  • All tower built Nederman OMF units are prepared for use of pre-filter
  • Nederman has a wide range of different types of filters suitable to different kinds of applications.

Nederman OSF oil smoke collectors can handle large amounts of oil smoke throughout continuous operation. They were created with a focus on high, efficient filtration while ensuring low maintenance costs.

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