Filtration consumables

Filtration consumables play a critical role in managing abrasive, toxic, and explosive dust in industrial settings. These specialized consumables, designed for challenging environments, ensure the efficient and safe operation of filtration systems. Abrasive dust, often generated in manufacturing processes, can quickly wear down traditional filter materials, making abrasion-resistant consumables essential for longevity and performance.

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  • Candle Filter Elements

    Candle filter elements

    Our Candle Filter Elements are designed to remove particles, heavy metals, acids, and dioxins from flue gases at higher temperatures than those achievable with conventional systems.

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  • Filter Bags

    Filter Bags

    This product from Envirox provide a high-efficiency, cost-effective dust filter for your workspace. We supply mechanical shaker, pulse jet and reverse air bags.


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  • Filter Cartridges

    Filter Cartridges

    Envirox stocks, supplies, installs and maintains a range of high-quality filter cartridges for a number of filters used for various applications and industries.

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Filter cartridges benefits

  • Ideal for use with abrasive, toxic and explosive dust
  • Suitable for both pulsating and static systems
  • Application-tailored media extends product life
  • Reduced operational costs and healthy work environment
  • Available in South Africa and Africa

Our cartridge solutions are versatile and can be adapted to any application or task-specific filtration demands.

Filter cartridges applications

Our range of filter cartridges is tailored for use in:

  • Dust collectors
  • Dust filters
  • Gas turbine air inlets
  • Panel filters
  • Filter media