Centrifugal fans

Our NCF industrial fan products and solutions are exceptionally efficient at the extraction of dust and particles, welding and cutting smoke and fumes to create a safe and clean working environment while improving productivity.

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  • CombiFab centrifugal fan


    All Nederman industrial fan and fume extraction products are produced according to ISO 9001.

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  • N-series portable centrifugal fan

    N series

    Designed specifically for welding fumes, dusts and exhaust gases applications.

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  • N series portable

    A simple and powerful ventilation unit for use during service, repairs and other temporary work.

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  • NCF


    We stock, distribute, install and service 8 variations of the high quality Nederman NCF range.

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The N-series industrial fan is designed specifically for applications involving welding fumes, dusts and exhaust gases.

The Combifab fans are suitable for use in all types of industrial processes and ventilation systems. These industrial fans are also suited for various industries that require custom design to suit the airflow or pressure range, ATEX versions and noise levels of customer specifications.