Explosion isolation valves

Explosion pressure resistance equipment is designed to stop the effects of an explosion moving from the filter to the workplace. This equipment offers protection to both people and the environment from the explosion.

Explosive Isolation Valve Benefits

  • An ambient temperature range of -20° to +60° (1-140 F), with an operating temperature range of -20° to +70°C (0 – 160 F)
  • Built from welded carbon steel
  • Independently tested according to current standards and regulations
  • Compliant with international dust explosion protection codes (ATEX and NFPA68)
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, applications and filter system configurations (incl. approval for positive and negative pressure systems)
  • Nederman’s manufacturing process is done under a certified quality assurance system which ensures the highest level of quality and reliability

Explosive Isolation Valve Applications

  • Helps to stop the spread of explosion pressure waves and flames from the filter to the workplace
  • During operation, the CARZ the valve is kept open allowing for a low pressure drop
  • If an explosion occurs in the filter the flap plate will close and immediately lock in position
  • The approaching flame will be stopped, preventing the explosion from moving beyond the filter

Our Explosive Isolation Valve solutions are versatile and can be adapted to any application or task-specific filtration demands. Contact an Envirox Representative today.

Our Range of Explosion Isolation Valves

Envirox offers a wide range of Nederman Explosive Isolation Valves suitable for most application types.

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