Explosion vents

Explosion vents are the most cost-effective safety precaution solution to mitigating and controlling explosions that can occur in industries where combustible dust, gas, steam and hybrid mixtures are emitted. Dust explosions occur when high concentrations of combustible particles present in dust collectors, ducting systems or silos are ignited through a static spark. The explosion vents will release the explosion in a controlled way that will prevent harm to humans, plant and equipment.

The venting hole is covered by a panel which will open when normal levels of pressure is exceeded. This will release and vent the pressure helping to stop and redirect the explosion. The pressure within the device is lower than the pressure resistance level making it possible for the device not to be destroyed should an explosion occur.

Explosion venting devices are suitable for the protection of dust collectors, filter systems, reservoirs, mills, crushers, cyclones, silos, and other equipment with the potential of a dust explosion.

Advantages of Explosion Venting Devices:

  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Long lifespan
  • Resistant to abrasion, mechanical particle impacts and weather conditions
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Availability of spare parts for purchase or exchange
  • Variability static activation pressure
  • Our explosion venting devices are suitable for reservoirs, crushers, cyclones, mills, filters and other equipment with dust explosion dangers.
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