Industrial extraction arms

The Nederman Original CR arm is suitable for corrosive dust and fumes with the internal mechanism anodised. Typical application is the pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical industries.

Extraction arms for general dust and fumes includes the Original Arm, Standard Arm, Telescopic Arm, NEX MD and the NEX HD arms. These arms are suitable for a wide range of application such as Welding Fume extraction, laser or hand plasma cutting, metal spraying and griding.

Extraction Arms for combustible dust include the NEX D, NEX DX and NEX S extraction arms. These are arms are suitable for dust explosive zones 21 & 22 and gas explosive zones 1 & 2. Typical application is for the extraction of combustible dusts as found in food and pharmaceutical processing as well as metal fabrication processes.


  • Extraction of general, corrosive and combustible dusts
  • Swivels enables the arms to rotate 360°
  • Highly flexible and simple to position
  • Can be extended and retracted
  • Various brackets and extension arms available
  • Sizing of 150mm – 200mm
  • Airflows from 700 m³/h to 1,900 m3/h


Nederman extraction arms can be used for many different applications. They are highly flexible and extremely simple to position, extend and retract. For improved efficiency and extra reach, these arms are supplied in different lengths and can be combined with a variety of accessories such as hoods or dampers.

Suitable for most applications and industries, even corrosive and explosive industries, these extraction arms are used for what is known as “at source extraction”, which is a cost-effective and more efficient way to extract fumes, dust or vapours.