Our Auto M-Z vibration filters feature:

  • Maximum working temperatures of 80° C
  • Weather-proof for outdoor use
  • ATEX-certified for explosive dust (St1, St2 and St3)
  • Simple maintenance enhances uptime
  • Neat and compact design enables easy positioning

The Auto M-Z series is a powerful free – standing filter with an automatic shaker cleaning mechanism that is suitable for non – continuous duty across various industrial and commercial applications that generate light to medium volumes of dry dust. The series enables filtration of air volumes between 850 and 10 000 m³/hr and is ATEX-certified for explosive dust categories St1, St2 and St3.

The latest Auto M-Z series’ models have been refined over 30 years of continuous development that has aimed to not only enhance production capacities, but to increase overall system efficiency to achieve improved targets.

Various volume dust containers are available as determined by your dust collection rate. In addition, a wide range of optional accessories is available for this series, providing a customised filtration solution that is tailored to your application.

Enjoy the benefits of efficient, low – maintenance dust filtration
with the Auto M-Z dust collector.

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