MCP-GO SmartFilter

Features and benefits

  • Compact design with small footprint (less than 1m2 (10ft2)) saves valuable space on the factory floor and allows great flexibility as to choice of placement.
  • Robust industrial design. With cabinet made of 2 mm galvanized steel and heavy-duty industrial fan, the unit will deliver clean air for many years to come.
  • Six high-capacity, patented cartridge filters with fire-retardant, Nanofiber media increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and extend filter life. The cartridges are rated according to ISO 16890 ePM1 80% and ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 14.
  • Simple and convenient installation and maintenance. Delivered as one or two pre-mounted and pre-wired components, and once installed, has single-side service access to all vital unit components.
  • Multiple control options to adapt to customer needs. From basic filter cleaning controller and fan starter to advanced Insight Control with Variable Speed Drive (VFD

The MCP-GO SmartFilter is a compact cartridge dust collector, designed to reliably provide clean air in a variety of manufacturing environments where thermally generated fumes and dusts are generated – from manual, robot and cobot welding systems to plasma and laser cutting processes. Building off Nederman’s industry leading MCP SmartFilter technology, the MCP-GO offers a new, more convenient solution to protect people, production, and planet. It is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to complex centralized ducting installations.

Available in two sizes, it can serve applications with airflow demand up to 5.000 m3/h (2,950 ft3/min). Its versatility allows the use of up to 5 extraction arms, multiple automated welding stations, or a plasma/laser cutting table.

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