We can deliver complete installations but if you prefer to install your own system, this is very easy to do. Nederman can also offer a vast range of accessories like cleaning equipment, vacuum valves, swing arms and grinding tools with integrated fume and dust extraction.

  • Easy to install
  • Low noise level
  • Low running and maintenance costs

A compact stationary high vacuum unit with high filter efficiency and enhanced flexibility

The Nederman L-PAK offers the ideal solution for removing dust and fumes in all types of industries. Typical areas of applications can be found in welding shops, car body shops, construction industries, bakeries, industrial laundries, etc. The L-PAK is also perfect for cleaning of the workplace and the workshop floor. The L-PAK is easy to position and move due to its compact design, its low weight and the frame for fork lift handling. The integrated PLC-control ensure high functionality and can easily be updated with new functions. The automatic start/stop will save energy as well as extend the lifetime of the unit. The remote start/stop function makes it easy to ensure that everything is shut off when you go home from work.

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