Benefits of this compact vacuum system:

  • Compact design, cyclone and fan together with control equipment built into a heavy-duty container
  • Ready for use
  • Motor power: 37 kW
  • Capacity at -20 kPa: 2 500 m3/h
  • High vacuum and suction capacity -22 kPa

Envirox supplies Nederman C-PAK heavy industry fume extractor. This semi-portable unit is designed for heavy-duty welding extraction in the toughest applications.

Compact and transportable! Everything required for powerful extraction of welding fumes and grinding dust is built into the C-PAK’s container, including:

  • Starter and Control Unit
  • V-Belt Driven High Pressure Fan
  • Motor
  • Discharge Air Silencer
  • FlexFilter Cyclone
  • Collection Bin (with plastic sack)
  • On-off switch and 3-phase power socket are positioned on the outside of the unit

Four vacuum inlets are conveniently positioned on the outside of the unit. The vacuum inlets are equipped with connection flanges, suitable for the hose and coupler system.

Its compact and heavy-duty container design makes these units ideal for on-torch or nozzle use in heavy industries e.g. shipyards, fabrication shops and construction sites.

Combine the power of a vacuum, control system and filter with one compact machine from Envirox – providing a cleaner and safer workspace.

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