Benefits of this centralised vacuum system:

  • Designed for heavy-duty extraction
  • Low noise level and high suction capability
  • Temperature control safety function
  • Easy to use and service
  • Automatic stop/start and filter cleaning – prolonging the lifespan of your machine

Envirox supplies the Nederman RBU high vacuum for systems where extra power is required to handle large debris or remove waste products through long pipelines.

RBU systems are used for cleaning, swarf removal, grinding, sanding and welding applications where extra extraction power is needed.

The RBU unit together with a dust collector and a PLC controlled starter make a very efficient vacuum system, where the starting and stopping of the unit and filter cleaning occurs automatically.

Nederman RBU units work uninterruptedly with strong suction (-45 kPa) and a maintained efficiency.

The unique quality of the Nederman RBU unit is the combination of an extraordinary suction capacity and a low noise level (70 dB). This is due to successful design with a 3-lobe roots type blower fitted with unique inlet and outlet silencers, all housed in a heavy insulated acoustic enclosure.

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