Frequency controlled compact high vacuum dust collector unit to be used for many different applications. Typically 2-10 users.

The FlexPAK is a frequency controlled high vacuum dust collector unit. The unit is designed for the extraction of welding fume, grinding dust, metal chips etc. FlexPAK is suitable for cleaning the workplace, the shop floor and machines. It is also very suitable for on-tool and on-torch applications. FlexPAK regulates the speed of the motor automatically depending on the vacuum demand. Compared to traditional controllers, FlexPAK provides an optimal, and well-balanced vacuum according to the need, ensuring energy-saving operation. The FlexPAK have different running modes to meet specific customer needs. The FlexPAK can easily switch between generating as much vacuum as possible, typically for applications with long piping or material transportation, or maintaining a constant vacuum level, typically useful for welding fume or grinding dust applications.


Easy to install
Built in PLC functions
Low operating cost
Suitable for a wide range of applications

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