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Iron ore is the primary source of iron for the world’s iron and steel industries and is therefore needed to produce steel. Almost 95% of iron ore is used in steel making, and to do this the iron ore needs to be crushed and processed.

When ore is crushed and transferred, iron ore dust is emitted into the air which can cause serious harm to the employees in the vicinity who inhale it. Ore dust containing silica or lead has been documented as causing serious health implications to those who inhale it.

Breathing small crystalline silica particles can cause serious diseases including silicosis which is an incurable lung disease that can lead to disability and be fatal. It can also cause lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney disease. Inhalation can also lead to the development of autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular impairment.

Ore dust particles containing lead when inhaled can have seriously negative effects on the body; the lead is absorbed and stored into the bones, blood and tissue. Lead poisoning includes symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, fatigue, headaches, irritability, loss of appetite, memory loss and weakness. High levels of lead exposure can cause anaemia, weakness and kidney and brain damage, while extremely high levels of exposure can be fatal.

Envirox knows that exposure to ore dust can be extremely dangerous to employees working on the workshop floor, and because of this insists on the installation of a suitable dust collector. Envirox explains that this will drastically reduce and limit exposure to the hazardous dust and safeguard the health of employees.

Envirox suggests the following Nederman dust collectors to be used in such environments when ore dust is emitted during crushing and transferring:

  • The Nederman MEP SmartFilter multi-purpose dust filtration system has a modular design that allows it to work alone or as part of a multi-filter solution. It is suitable to be used in industries that handle applications such as grinding, shot blasting and metal cutting. It is easily installed, and due to the filter’s design, the fabric within the collector has been ensured a long lifespan which contributes to low-cost ownership.
  • The Nederman LCP Cartridge dust collector is designed for continuous use in process and general dust extraction application with free-flowing dust. All LCP units have generously sized integral pre-separation chambers to increase their dust load capacity while reducing the loads on the filter cartridge.

Envirox’s extensive knowledge within the dust collector industry allows them to provide suitable solutions to a variety of industries where hazardous dust is emitted due to various applications.

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