NC Cyclone

Cyclone benefits

  • 90% efficiency for particles above 10 microns
  • Built-in 2 and 3 mm thick steel sheet
  • Higher efficiency for large particles
  • Max temperature 75° C  with standard paint
  • Available with air filters

NC Cyclones from Envirox are ideal for separating materials such as dust and chipped segments from the airflow. This classic cyclone relies on centrifugal force to purify air and is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications.

The high performance of the NC Cyclone, up to 75°C, is dependent on the speed of rotation, density and grading of particles.

NC Cyclones are manufactured from 2 or 3 mm thick steel sheets (depending on the size of the cyclone required) and are available with a wide range of accessories, including: standard inlets with QF or FL flanges, left or right tangential outlet for rotary valves as well as a dust container.


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