Extension Arms

Envirox Extension Arm Benefits

  • Available in 4.2 m and 6 m lengths
  • Equipped with 200 mm diameter hose
  • Supports a range of products
  • Economical management of resources and waste
  • Airflows between 600 and 2 000 m²/h


When extra reach is needed for any of your extraction requirements, Extraction Extension Arms from Envirox provide the ultimate solution.  Envirox stocks and distributes high quality extension arms for extraction arms, available in 4.2 m and 6 m lengths.

Manufactured from robust steel for a long life, these extension arms can be combined with a single exhaust extractor or exhaust hose reels for cars or trucks to get to those difficult-to-reach areas. This is made possible as the arm ends have a universal mounting flange which fits directly to the extraction arm of a single or twin exhaust extraction unit or, in combination with a special bracket.

Envirox extension arms, which are equipped with a 200 mm-diameter hose for high airflows, are highly flexible as they are suspended by a pivoting wall bracket and equipped with a joint in the middle.

Our extension arms are also versatile – they can support other products such as welding machines, hose and cable reels, and exhaust extraction reels.

Recommended airflows are from 600 – 2 000 m²/h.

Get extra reach and easily access difficult-to-access areas with Exhaust Extraction Extension Arms from Envirox