Exhaust Nozzles

Exhaust Nozzle Benefits

  • 100% recycling levels reduces environmental impact
  • Manual connection and disconnection is quick and easy
  • Resistant to very high exhaust temperatures
  • Capturing hood protects vehicles and employees
  • Facilitates improved production uptime


Nederman offers an extensive range of robust rubber and metal vehicle exhaust extraction nozzles, with a soft capturing hood that protects both the employees and the vehicle.They have been designed to accommodate various types of vehicles and systems, and contribute to a clean, safe working environment.

Both types of exhaust extraction nozzles have adjustable test funnels, specially designed to handle large volumes of hot exhaust from vehicles. They are available with an adjustable floor stand for vertical exhaust pipes, which accommodates most exhaust pipe positions and designs.

Rubber Nozzles

Rubber nozzles are made of EPDM or neoprene, and are resistant to exhaust temperatures up to 150° C at normal use. Most rubber nozzles have a well-proven locking clamp, that firmly attaches the nozzle to the exhaust pipe. Rubber nozzles with a flexible metal hose are available, which reduces temperature stress on the exhaust hose and eliminates the risk of airflow restriction.

Metal Nozzles

Our simple and robust metal nozzles are resistant to high temperature exhausts. A spring-loaded lid keeps the nozzle attached to the exhaust pipe. It also works as an effective damper when the nozzle is not connected.

Get rubber and metal exhaust nozzles from Envirox to protect your workspace.