Exhaust Extraction Accessories



Envirox supplies a range of Nederman hose accessories to enhance standard exhaust extraction product features and increase their versatility.

Our range of accessories for exhaust extraction complement your business by facilitating faster production processes. Our range includes:

Hose Reduction Accessories

Hose reducers are made of galvanised steel. They are available in 3 variations: internal Ø from 125 – 150 mm; 100 – 125 mm and 75 – 100 mm.

Bend Accessories

Adding a 90° bend to your hose is easy with our 90° galvanised steel bend accessories. They are available in 4 Ø sizes: 75, 100, 125 and 150 mm.

Hose Clip With Rubber Sleeve

Paired with rubber sleeves to ensure a tighter, leak free join, our hose clips are available in 5 diameter sizes: 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm.

Hose Connectors

Our range of hose connectors, available in 5 sizes, means you can easily get the correct hose length for your application. They are made of galvanised steel and come standard with a hose clip and rubber sleeve. Standard diameter sizes are 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm.

Hose Suspension Accessories

Two kinds of hose suspension accessories make up this range – one comprising adjustable rubber, which is available in 100 and 150 mm Ø, and the other made of hard plastic. This range is available in diameter sizes of 75, 100, 125 and 150 mm.

Hose Couplings

Our range of hose couplings, available in 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm Ø, comes standard with two sleeves and hose clips making coupling your hoses easy, quick and hassle-free.

Quick Coupler Attachments

Our quick coupler attachments come standard with rubber sleeves and hose clips. They are available in 100 and 150 mm Ø sizes; a male 4” with 100 mm Ø; and male 6” with 150 mm Ø.

Connection Kit

Our connection kit accessory is 100 mm in diameter and enables a very fast connection to hose nozzles, enhancing your production flow.

Extend the versatility of your exhaust extraction systems with our range of exhaust accessories. Contact us today!