Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Benefits

  • A clean and safe working environment with less air pollutions
  • More effective production and improved quality of the finished product
  • Economical management of resources and waste and improved production uptime


Envirox stocks a range of emergency vehicle exhaust extraction solutions, tailored for emergency vehicles like fire engines and ambulance, for example. This range comprises six high-quality Nederman solutions.

Regardless of the type or size of the emergency vehicle, or how often it is used, Envirox has the ideal exhaust extraction solution to improve production uptime. Our solutions also add to a cleaner and safer working environment, reduce the amount of energy used and contribute to the well-being of employees.

Our years of industry-specific experience and shared knowledge enable us to provide the optimal emergency vehicle exhaust extraction solution for your needs.

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Solutions

Vertical Stack Exhaust Extraction System

Vertical Stack is a fully automatic exhaust extraction system for vehicles with exhaust pipes on top. The vehicle either drives backwards into the parking bay or drive through it.

PRS Exhaust Extraction System

Pneumatic Rail System (PRS) is a fully automatic, high capacity exhaust extraction system for up to 4 emergency vehicles per bay.

MagnaStack Exhaust Extraction System

MagnaStack is a fully automatic vehicle exhaust extraction system. The vehicle exhaust removal unit is designed as a hood enclosure and automatically connects with the vertical exhaust stack as the vehicle is backed into the parking bay.

MagnaTrack Exhaust Extraction system

MagnaTrack is a high capacity vehicle exhaust extraction system on a track designed to handle large volumes of exhaust fumes.

MagnaRail Exhaust Extraction System

MagnaRail is a high capacity system designed to handle large volumes of exhaust fume.

PTS Exhaust Extraction System

PTS system is based on a nozzle expanded by compressed air, fixing and sealing the nozzle tightly round the tail pipe.

Get the ideal exhaust extraction solution for your emergency vehicles from Envirox