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Is a Wet scrubber a good solution for dust collection?

Wet scrubbers are used in closed vessels to remove contaminants such as solvents, acids and dust from an air stream. The contaminated agents become concentrated in the water and is disposed of in a water treatment facility.  Although a wet scrubber offers a solution to the expulsion of different types of dust through the use…
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Powder coating dust collection

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that sprays finely ground electrostatically charged particles of pigment and resin onto grounded parts. These particles stick to the parts until they are melted and fused into a coating in a curing oven.  This process is suitable for various materials including metals, plastic, glass and medium density fibreboard.…
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Why is conveying velocity so important in ducting design?

Conveying velocity within the ducting design is very important to ensure that dust particles from the dust collector move through without collecting within the ducting system. Should the particles move too slowly or too quickly it can be problematic. Envirox understands that when airflow is not set at the correct speed problems can occur, and…
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Dust collector: Partial or complete filter cartridge changeout?

With all equipment, maintenance is an important element to help keep everything working as it should. This ensures that the equipment doesn’t cost more money in the long run due to downtime and falter parts. With dust collectors one of the decisions that need to be made is whether a partial or complete filter cartridge…
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