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The risk of fine aluminium dust

Aluminium is used in a variety of products such as window frames, airplane parts, power lines, motor vehicle production, cans, foil and other items. To create these items the aluminium must undergo certain applications such as grinding, sawing, cutting, sanding and scratch brushing which can all result in aluminium dust particles being dispersed. Aluminium particles…
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Dust filtration for Furniture Manufacturing

Within the furniture manufacturing industry concern needs to be given to the fine organic wood dust that is created through applications such as sanding. Wood dust particles that are airborne in high concentrations are combustible and left unattended can create an explosion when met with an ignition source, such as static electricity. A simple spark…
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Dust filtration for mineral processing plants

Iron ore is the primary source of iron for the world’s iron and steel industries and is therefore needed to produce steel. Almost 95% of iron ore is used in steel making, and to do this the iron ore needs to be crushed and processed. When ore is crushed and transferred, iron ore dust is…
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Solution for oil most collection

When oil mist is emitted through various machining operations, the results are not unlike when other dust is emitted in the air – it collects on the equipment and machinery around it. However, unlike other dust, oil mist makes these items extremely slippery and oily resulting in unnecessary downtime and an unsafe working environment due…
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