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Wet scrubbers are used in closed vessels to remove contaminants such as solvents, acids and dust from an air stream. The contaminated agents become concentrated in the water and is disposed of in a water treatment facility. 

Although a wet scrubber offers a solution to the expulsion of different types of dust through the use of water, so do dry dust collectors. There are differences that can be explored surrounding the two types of collectors, but a wet scrubber can be more costly than a dust collector.

Dry dust collector or a wet scrubber?

A dry dust collector can offer many operational advantages over a wet scrubber:

  • They can scale up to large airflows and heavy dust loads, whereas wet scrubbers require multiple systems to handle the same airflows.
  • Offer higher particle removal efficiencies and use less energy to capture fine dust particles.
  • Maintenance and disposal are much simpler, especially when it comes to hazardous waste. The waste created through wet scrubbing is almost sludge like.

Envirox solution

Envirox, supplier of Nederman quality dust collectors, has a range of dust collectors that are approved for a variety of applications. Choosing the correct dust collector for your application is what Envirox does best, and can provide expert advice on your dust collector needs. When looking for dust collectors that can contend with wet scrubbers, and handle hazardous dust, Envirox suggests:

The Nederman LCP dust collector range is designed for continuous operation in process and general dust extraction applications with free-flowing dust. All units in this range have large integral pre-separation chambers to increase their dust load capacity while reducing the load on the filter cartridges.

The Nederman MCJ mini range is suitable for different applications that generate light to medium volumes of any dust. This range was created for continuous operation in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications.