500 Series

Configurable industrial vacuum cleaner for liquid and coarse particle extraction

Not just an ordinary industrial vacuum cleaner but a configurable solution to customer´s specific challenges within wet or dry vacuum cleaning.
Nederman offers a unique and wide range of possible vacuum heads in order to provide the ultimate solution for your specific application. Electric or compressed air driven vacuum heads, with different capacities, are available.

Single container system designed for the collection of coarse particles, such as swarf and granulates as well as liquids and sludge. The container collects and holds a large volume of material and can be equipped with a drain valve for liquids.
Depending on the application, there are different filter types and stages to choose from, like polyester filter bags, coarse filter bags and cartridge filters.
For applications when handling liquids the unit can be equipped with a float system that prevents overfilling of the container.
Trolley can either be a simpler 2-wheel trolley or a more robust and tiltable trolley with four wheels and forklift slots, all depending on your actual needs.


  • Configured and customized industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Wide range of vacuum heads, filters and other components are available
  • High material collection capacity
  • Also available in stainless steel, 316L.
  • Float system prevents overfilling when handling liquids
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