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Within the furniture manufacturing industry concern needs to be given to the fine organic wood dust that is created through applications such as sanding. Wood dust particles that are airborne in high concentrations are combustible and left unattended can create an explosion when met with an ignition source, such as static electricity. A simple spark can cause an explosion that has the potential to cause infrastructure damage, and harm to employees including fatalities.

Envirox, suppliers of Nederman dust collectors, knows that during furniture making, a large amount of fine wood dust is emitted into the air, and due to this it is important to install a reliable dust collector suitable for the collection of wood dust. Applications during furniture manufacturing emit large amounts of dust and therefore a dust collector that can handle large volumes as well as combustible dust needs to be installed.

Envirox supplies ranges of dust collectors that are suitable to handle various applications in a variety of industries. Envirox recommends the following dust collectors for furniture manufacturing:

  • The Nederman NFKZ is a bag house collector than can handle air volumes from 6000 – 500 000 m³ / h, proving that handling large dust volumes is not a problem. It is ATEX certified (suitable for combustible particles) for St1, St2 and St3 dust with a Kst value up to 300bar m/s making it ideal for wood waste. It also includes explosion relief upwards or sideways. All NFKZ’s are fitted with a unique patented superbag and is cleaned using regeneration fans. The filter hopper and inlet section separate medium sized and large sized particles before distributing the air into the filter bags.
  • Nederman LCP Ex cartridge dust collector has a generous sized integral pre-separation chamber to increase their dust load capacity and reduce the load on the filter cartridges. Larger units can be served by floor mounted high efficiency Combifab fans. The LCP Ex is Atex certified for St1, St2 and St3 dusts. Different cartridge media types are also available for most applications.

Envirox is on hand to help with all dust collector requirements and can offer expert advice on all dust collector needs.

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