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Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

Envirox has a wide range of Dust Collectors for at-source extraction and filtration of process generated dust. Our solutions cover all industries and dust types complying with ATEX and NFPA directives for Combustibles Dust. A Dust Collector is an Air Pollution Control Device which can either be used to recover valuable dust particles from process streams or remove pollutants from discharge gases or fumes before being released into the atmosphere. Our units are suitable to remove and filter submicron and nano particles found in welding fumes and smoke.

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How does it work?

Dust Collector Systems continuously suck high volumes of dust laden air which travels through a ducting system connected to a Dust Collector. This air is taken directly from production processes which generate the dust. The suction is created by a centrifugal fan that is mounted in the duct line just before or after the unit. A fan that is mounted before the collector will push dirty air into the unit and a fan mounted after the collector will suck the dirty air through the unit. The extraction fan can be floor mounted, wall mounted or integrated onto the Dust Collector which is known as an Integral Fan.

The dust laden air enters the unit, travels through a pre-separation chamber, which catches all the larger particles, and is then forced though Filter Cartridges or Filter Bags in the Dirty Air Chamber where the dust gets trapped on the filter media. The clean air passes through the filter media into the Clean Air Chamber and is expelled out of the factory or recirculated back inside.

Over time the dust collected will accumulate on the Filter Cartridges or Filter Bags therefore blocking the airflow through the unit. This will cause a higher difference in pressure in the Clean Air Chamber and Dirty Air Chamber. This increasing pressure difference, called differential pressure, will result in the unit to lose suction, and stop working effectively. To prevent this from happening, the controller will measure the differential pressure between the Dirty Air Chamber and Clean Air Chamber and send a signal to the pulsing valve when required. This will release compressed air in the centre of the Filter Bag or Cartridge causing the dust to fall into the hopper and then into the bin.

Types Of Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collector

Cartridge Dust Collectors use upstream flows of dust laden air which move through the cartridge to capture the dust particles. These units use pleated filter cartridges which provides a larger filtering surface area than conventional bags of the same diameter. The pleated fabric, which is made up of from a variety of materials, collects these captured particles on the outside of the material.

Cartridge Dust Collectors are more compact than Baghouse units and are generally more cost-effective, and easier to maintain and service. As the cartridges have more area than bags, less cartridges are needed and when become full of dust are cleaned using a reverse pulse jet cleaning system. Due to the design of the Cartridge Dust Collector, changing the cartridges when needed is very simple, and results in a lower exposure of dust to the workers. Cartridge Dust collectors are found in many industrial facilities to filter dust such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, metal fabrication, powder coating, woodworking and many more.

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse units use filter bags held into position by filter cages. The dust laden air is sucked into the dust collector through the dirty air inlet and captured in an upward airstream which moves the particles through the various bags. These particles are collected on the outside of the bag creating a dust cake. These dust cakes are then dropped into the hopper through the reverse pulse cleaning process.

Baghouse Dust Collectors are larger than cartridge units due to the reduced filter area of the filter bags. The benefit of a Baghouse Dust collector is that it can handle much higher temperatures and is more suitable for abrasive dust. Units are found at smelters, incinerators, crusher and screening plants, mines and other similar industries.

Shaker Dust Collector

Shaker Dust Collector units use filter bags to capture dust from various applications. This simply designed dust collector cleans the bags once filled with dust using a shake-cleaning process. These units are mostly made use of when compressed air is not available and are commonly found in foundries, steel mills, mines, and other such industries.