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For dust and fume extraction

Our extraction arms will ensure that you capture fumes and dust at source. We offer an extensive range suitable for all possible dust and fumes types. Envirox dust and fume extraction solutions can be used from laboratory fume extraction application, welding fume extraction to other heavy industrial dust and fume extraction applications. Our products are known for quality, reliability and manoeuvrability ensuring optimum fume and dust capturing. The Laboratory range is suitable for use is in laboratories and manufacturing facilities where the required extraction airflows are between 20 to 450 m³ per hour.The industrial type which includes the Standard Arm, Original Arm and NEX arms, are suitable for large airflows between 700 to 2,000 m³ per hour. Application are from welding fume extraction to combustible dust extraction applications such as found in food and chemical processes facilities.

Laboratory FX2

The Nederman FX2 comes in different lengths and sizes and can be wall, ceiling or table mounted. Different types of hood are available and can be configured according to your needs. Envirox can design and install complete fume extraction solutions using Nederman FX2 arms, Nederman extraction fans and Nederman dust collectors. We will ensure your employees are protected against harmful fumes and dust generated during soldering, laboratory activities and many other applications.


The Nederman Standard and Original arms are known for its use in welding fume extraction applications. The Original arm is also installed on the FilterCart and FilterBox mobile filters. The NEX range (NEX MD; NEX HD; NEX D; NEX DX; NEX S) are used where even higher airflows are required and also for combustible dust and fume extraction application. Units are available in 2 to 5 meter lengths. Envirox offers full installation of extraction arms in combination with Nederman extraction fans and dust collectors.