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Flour dust in commercial bakeries – Risks and solution.

Flour dust may not seem harmful, but in fact what many don’t know is that flour dust is a hazard when inhaled and can also be combustible when it comes into contact with an ignition source.

Understanding the vital role of explosion panels in dust collectors and storage vessels

In industrial settings, especially those involving processes like manufacturing, milling, or handling fine particulate materials, dust collectors and storage vessels play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. However, these environments can also pose significant risks due to the potential for dust explosions. To mitigate such hazards, explosion panels, also known […]

Oil Mist Filters – Every CNC machine should have one

In industries where cutting fluid is used in turning lathes, milling machines and highspeed grinding CNC machines, oil mist is created. This mist can in turn create a hazardous working environment. Oil mist is made up of small, fine airborne droplet particles that are released into to the air. Mineral oil-based metalworking fluids such as […]
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The risk of fine aluminium dust

Aluminium is used in a variety of products such as window frames, airplane parts, power lines, motor vehicle production, cans, foil and other items. To create these items the aluminium must undergo certain applications such as grinding, sawing, cutting, sanding and scratch brushing which can all result in aluminium dust particles being dispersed. Aluminium particles […]

Dust filtration for mineral processing plants

  Iron ore is the primary source of iron for the world’s iron and steel industries and is therefore needed to produce steel. Almost 95% of iron ore is used in steel making, and to do this the iron ore needs to be crushed and processed. When ore is crushed and transferred, iron ore dust […]

Solution for oil most collection

  When oil mist is emitted through various machining operations, the results are not unlike when other dust is emitted in the air – it collects on the equipment and machinery around it. However, unlike other dust, oil mist makes these items extremely slippery and oily resulting in unnecessary downtime and an unsafe working environment […]

Solution for Dental Aerosol extraction

Over the past two years COVID 19 has seen us increasing the number of times we sanitise our hands and around us, how far we should stand from one another, and even how we greet one another by bumping elbows. Although we have put in place all these precautions, there are some practises and activities […]

Fumes extraction solutions for laboratory and electronics

Fumes are emitted into the air during many different applications, even more so within a laboratory. When these particles are emitted into the air there is a high possibility that they can be inhaled by those working in the laboratory, and should these particles be poisonous or even carcinogenic, depending on the material is being […]

New high performance Nanofiber filters for Mobile Welding fume extraction units.

During various applications that take place within companies, dust is emitted into the air that can then settle on the equipment around the workshop. Although this may seem like daily practise to those involved, if the combustibility of the dust is unknown there is the potential that a fire or explosion can occur. Knowing if […]

Do you know if your dust is combustible?

During various applications that take place within companies, dust is emitted into the air that can then settle on the equipment around the workshop. Although this may seem like daily practise to those involved, if the combustibility of the dust is unknown there is the potential that a fire or explosion can occur. Knowing if […]

Saving cost with at-source extraction

Health and Safety should be one of the main concerns for all employers no matter the industry. During certain applications such as welding and blasting, dust is emitted into the air which can settle on equipment and be inhaled by the employees on the workshop floor. Different types of dust when inhaled can cause various […]

Explosion vents for combustible dust

Companies that work with dust that is emitted into the air through various applications are required to, according to NFPA and ATEX directives, determine through a risk assessment whether the dust is combustible and a potential explosion threat. This type of dust is a danger to the employees and the infrastructure nearby; should a combustible […]

Envirox now selling candle filters for high temperature application

Envirox offers a range of replacement filters for their supplied range of dust collectors and are proud to announce that they now offer candle filters for high temperature applications. Candle Filters Dust collectors used for dedusting flue gases during the combustion of solid fuels in combustion sources use candle filters as the preferred filtering medium. […]

Mobile Filter for continuous welding

During welding, dangerous gases and fumes can be emitted into the air that when inhaled can cause harm to the welder and the employees on the workshop floor. These particles can then enter the lungs of the employee causing serious health issues. Depending on the type of fumes they are exposed to and the length […]

Mobile Filter for occasion welding

During welding the dust emitted can include a combination of poisonous gases and particles, that when inhaled can harm the lungs. These gas particles emitted into the air can include small particles and larger particles. The smaller particles are easier to inhale and can be absorbed by the lungs quicker than the larger particles as […]

Best dust collector for sandblasting booth

Sandblasting is an abrasive application that can create high levels of dust and noise. These abrasive materials and the surfaces being blasted may contain toxic materials that when inhaled can be hazardous to employees causing ailments such as silicosis, lung cancer and breathing problems. To solve this and protect workers from lung damage and health […]

Welding fumes extraction becoming the norm in South Africa

As time goes on, more industries are becoming familiar with the dangers around the inhalation of welding fumes by welders and those within their vicinity. Before, these dangers were unknown and safety precautions were not taken to stop health problems from occurring. When employees are exposed to welding fumes, the particles make their way into […]

High cost of steel and how it effects dust filtration systems

With the price of steel on the rise, this has an impact on the cost of dust collectors, which is why it is important to design a system that is suitable for application. The Nederman NedQuote is a design tool which creates faster, more efficient designs for your needs. Incorrect designs with excess capacity causes […]

Envirox sells explosion isolation valves and explosion relief vents

In industries where combustible particles are extracted, the potential for an explosion is increased. It is important for these industries to put into place safety measures that will protect their employees, their infrastructure and their equipment. When a combustible particle is extracted in high concentration in the form of gas, fumes or steam, it only […]

Envirox now keeps stock of Nordfab Ducting

Envirox no stocks Nordfab clamp-together ducting. Various sizes as well as reducers, elbows and branches are available. Used in different applications, across various industries, Nordfab ducting can be used in different application such as high vacuum systems, dust collection systems and product conveying systems  and available in galvanised mild steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel. […]

Is a Wet scrubber a good solution for dust collection?

Wet scrubbers are used in closed vessels to remove contaminants such as solvents, acids and dust from an air stream. The contaminated agents become concentrated in the water and is disposed of in a water treatment facility. Although a wet scrubber offers a solution to the expulsion of different types of dust through the use […]

Powder coating dust collection

  Powder coating is a dry finishing process that sprays finely ground electrostatically charged particles of pigment and resin onto grounded parts. These particles stick to the parts until they are melted and fused into a coating in a curing oven.  This process is suitable for various materials including metals, plastic, glass and medium density […]

Why is conveying velocity so important in ducting design?

Conveying velocity within the ducting design is very important to ensure that dust particles from the dust collector move through without collecting within the ducting system. Should the particles move too slowly or too quickly it can be problematic. Envirox understands that when airflow is not set at the correct speed problems can occur, and […]

Dust collector: Partial or complete filter cartridge changeout?

With all equipment, maintenance is an important element to help keep everything working as it should. This ensures that the equipment doesn’t cost more money in the long run due to downtime and falter parts. With dust collectors one of the decisions that need to be made is whether a partial or complete filter cartridge […]

Do I need a Dust Collector for a welding fumes extraction system?

When purchasing a welding fume extraction system, companies often debate on whether they need to incur the cost for a dust collector as well. If the aim of installing a fume extraction system inside the workshop is to rid the air of dangerous fumes and dust, then why should a dust collector also be installed […]

Oil mist in a CNC workshop can be problematic

The inhalation of coolants and oil mist particles while working with CNC lath, milling and grinding machines is extremely hazardous to employees on the workshop floor. When the door is opened on these machines to load new steel parts the oil mist and coolant aerosols escape. These particles can settle on the floor, on the […]

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) extraction arms for soldering in electronic component manufacturing

Soldering is an important process when connecting electronic circuits where the conductors carry electronic signals. Soldering occurs when two electrical components are joined with a solid conductive connection. If this conductive connection is not solid, this could result in temporary breaks or fluctuations in the circuit which could interrupt the signal being sent. During the […]

Dust filtration for crusher plants

Due to the size of iron ore when it is mined, the rock needs to be crushed and screened to the desired size. During the crushing and screening process, a large amount of dust is expelled which settles all around the working area. Often downtime is needed for cleaning and maintenance to occur due to […]

Envirox sells dust Collectors with Nanofiber cartridges

Nanofiber technology has allowed filters in dust collectors to be able to collect smaller particles than before. This is done by using less fan and compressed air energy, with the filters lasting longer and needing less maintenance than other filters. The nanofiber is applied through a spraying process to the filter’s surface which creates a […]

Vehicle exhaust fumes – increased risk during South African winter

During the colder months more often than not, the doors to the workshop floors are closed to retain heat and for employees to keep warm. The same goes for vehicle service stations and repair shops, and what many don’t realise is that when this is done, all the fumes are kept inside rather than dispersed […]

Extraction at source: The solution for fume and duct extraction

When industrial applications emit dust and fume particles, at source extraction is the safest and most cost-effective solution to preventing the particles from escaping into the air. At source dust collection requires less airflow which saves money on extraction fans and the need for a larger dust collector. The need for dust extraction in various […]